BJW Craig Classic vs Abdullah The Butcher
On June 14, 2009 BJW's CRAIG CLASSIC took on hardcore demi-god and pro wrestling legend Abdullah The Butcher at a Rampage Pro Wrestling event. Craig began his career as a dojo young boy with Big Japan Pro Wrestling. He continues to grow in popularity as a wrestler in Japan, where he made Baseball Magazine Sha's Puroresu Shukan list of the top pro wrestlers, and in the US where he often takes on wrestlers who did time in the WWF WWE TNA ROH and other major organizations. Abdullah The Butcher used every dirty trick in the book in his attack on Craig. Hopefully video of this match will make its way onto the Internet before too long. The match was televised. Catch Craig Classic in action with BJW on official BJW DVDs available at BJW's international shop Big Japan Shop
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The July 12, 2009 Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan BJW Event is shaping up to be quite interesting. The main event features BJW Champion YUKO MIYAMOTO facing off against challenger MASASHI TAKEDA in a championship bout. This is no ordinary bout. It is being billed as a Construction Site Death Match and features high scaffolds. This will certainly be a difficult and dangerous challenge for both wrestlers.


At the June 15th press conference Yuko Miyamoto expressed that he wasn't happy about giving up two losses to Takeda in the Saikyo Tag League recently. He went on to say that deathmatch matches are his turf and he is going to handle Takeda's challenge full on. Conversely, Takeda said that he has only been wrestling death matches for less than year. Takeda didn't think he'd get a big chance so soon and promised to put on a great match and be victorious.

This event will also feature a ladder death match between Takashi Sasaki and Isami Kodaka. Death match legend mentioned that although Kodaka has gotten stronger psychologically and despite his doing well in the Saikyo Tag League, a single match is a totally different situation. Sasaki guarantees he will triumph and put a big hurt onto the smaller Kodaka, showing him just how scary a death match really is.

There will also be a six man tag death match between the team of Ryuji Ito, Shadow WX, and Kankuro Hoshino versus the team of Jun Kasai, "Kokutenshi" Jaki Numazawa, and Abdullah Kobayashi.

Other matches will be held but the complete card has yet to be determined.

Tickets are available at the usual Japanese ticket outlets. People who have difficulty using such outlets are advised to contact Big Japan Shop for assistance.
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Chikara Pro Wrestling T-Shirt Japan Tour 2009 BJW Japanese tee shirt

BJW Big Japan Pro Wrestling is now selling the limited edition CHIKARA JAPAN TOUR 2009 pro wrestling T-shirts. The shirts are limited to 100 shirts. Sure to become a collector's item and premier piece of BJW and Chikara memorabilia. Supplies are extremely limited and this classic two sided Chikara tee shirt is available at Big Japan Shop at the following URL:
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Chikara Pro Wrestling Poster Japan Tour 2009 BJW Japanese posters

BJW Big Japan Pro Wrestling is taking orders for the Chikara Japan Tour 2009 pro wrestling event posters. BJW has limited the sale of these much talked about Chikara posters to its international sites and Big Japan Shop at the following URL:

BJW is currently working on getting an image of the poster to post on the Internet.

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Chikara Pro Wrestling Japan Tour 2009 DVDs

BJW (Big Japan Pro Wrestling) plans on releasing a DVD or DVDs of the June 2009 Chikara vs BJW matches. Interested puroresu fans, Chikara fans, and BJW fans are encouraged to check BJW's official international store, Big Japan Shop, regularly for this and other great BJW and puroresu merchandise.
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