Kitakyushu based vocalist MAKI sang a wonderful rendition of Japan's national anthem Kimigayo at Big Japan Pro Wrestling Hakata Star Lane event in Fukuoka Japan on December 12, 2010. The Japanese National Anthem was sung before the main event featuring Jun Kasai & Kokutenshi Jaki Numazawa vs Masashi Takeda & Isami Kodaka. Currently affiliated with Cocoperi Office, Maki is quickly gaining popularity in Japan. For booking information on booking this singer contact her via

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Special Bout Review by Harold Williams for BJW-USA & Big Japan Shop

In this review, we will look at Ryuji Ito & Shuji Ishikawa vs. Masashi
Takeda & Isami Kodaka in a BJW Tag League Series Semi Final from April
28, 2009 in Korakuen Hall. And it wasn't just any semi final match. In
true BJW style, it was a, "Light Tube Death Match"! Light tubes draped
over the ropes, a light tube board at the disposal of the competitors,
bundles of light tubes scattered about- Big Japan Pro-Wrestling
displayed once again what has made them the home of the best in hardcore
wrestling action for over a decade.

With Ito & Ishikawa already in the ring, they didn't have to wait long
for the action to start, as Takeda & Kodaka entered the ring and
attacked before the bell. Light tubes were draped over the ropes, and
Takeda & Kodaka quickly attempted to take advantage of them, as they
irish whipped their opponents towards the ropes. Ito & Ishikawa did a
reversal, Takeda & Kodaka put on the breaks, dodged a rushing attack
from their opponents, and then resumed their assault, knocking them out
of the ring. Takeda & Kodaka then both grabbed a light tube, and
proceeded to smash each other in the head with them, psyching themselves
up for the severely hardcore action that was sure to follow.

As the match continued outside the ring, Kodaka irish whipped Ito
through a row of chairs, while Takeda grabbed hold of a barbed wire
board and placed it on the floor. He attempted to suplex Ishikawa onto
the board, but Ishikawa blocked the move, reversed their positions, and
suplexed Takeda onto the unforgiving barbed wire, following up by raking
the sharp edge of a discarded snack bag across Takeda's eyes, stomping
on his face, and pressing Takeda's forehead against the sharp barbed
wire. Meanwhile, Ito had gained the upper hand in his brawl with Kodaka,
throwing Kodoka into a row of chairs as had been done to him earlier. As
their battle continued in the crowd, Ishikawa brought Takeda over to
ringside. With Takeda laying on the floor after being rammed into a
ringpost headfirst, Ishikawa threw the barbed wire board on top of him
-barbed wire side first- and then jumped on top of the board, digging
the wire deeper into Takeda's flesh.

Ishikawa then rolled Takeda back into the ring, who was bleeding from
his forehead at this point. Ishikawa attempted an irish whip into a
light tube board that was in a corner, but Takedo put on the breaks.
Ishikawa then tried to charge him, but Takeda moved out of the way,
causing Ishikawa to almost run into the board. Takeda atempted a charge
attack of his own, but ran into a knee to the gut by Ishikawa, sending
him to the mat. Ishikawa followed-up with another irish whip attempt,
and this time it was successful. Takeda flipped and hit the board back
first, smashing two of the light tubes. As he rolled around on the mat
in pain, Ito tagged in to continue the assault. He irish whipped Takeda
into light tubes that were draped over the ropes, exploding them, and
then sent him to the mat with a roundhouse kick to the chest. Ito went
for the cover, only getting a two-count.

While Takeda sat on the mat attempting to regain his breath, Ito placed
two light tubes against his back, and then delivered a roudhouse kick,
exploding the light tubes into Takeda's spine. He went for the cover
again, getting a two-count. Ishikawa then tagged in, and after stomping
on Takeda's already injured back, grabbed two light tubes, placed them
on the mat, and bodyslammed Takeda on top of them. Takeda rolled onto
his stomach, writhing in pain, but Ishikawa didn't let up, placing a
light tube on Takeda back and smashing it with knife hand chops,
following that up with a stomp to Takeda's back.

Ito then tagged back in. When Takeda struggled back up to his feet, he
was greeted by three roundhouse kicks to the chest that sent him back to
the mat, and Ito went for the cover, getting only a two-count. Wanting
Takeda to stay down, Ito then placed three light tubes on the mat,
slammed Takedo onto them, and once again went for the cover. However,
Takeda managed to kick out before a three-count could me made. Ishikawa
tagged in, grabbed a chair from a stack that was in one of the corners,
and smashed it across the back of Takeda. He then sat up two more
chairs, placed a bundle of five light tubes across them, and attempted
to suplex Takeda through the light tubes. Takeda blocked the attempt,
reversed their positions, and went for the same move. Ishikawa blocked
it, delivered knees to Takeda's stomach & chest, and took a few steps
back. He charged towards Takeda, and was met with a releasing northern
lights suplex, sending him crashing through the same light tubes that
Ishikawa himself had set up.

While Ishikawa recovered, Takeda took the opportunity to crawl to his
corner and tag out to Kodaka. Once Ishikawa got to his feet, Kodaka
rocked him with a missle dropkick, but it wasn't enough to put Ishikawa
down. He then hit Ishikawa with a front dropkick to the left leg, which
did put him down. Proving that BJW features the best hardcore talents in
the industry, Kodaka then displayed ring psychology by following up on
his leg attack with a dragon screw legwhip. Kodoka then climbed to the
top turnbuckle and attempted a cross body block, but he was caught by
Ishikawa, who went on to smash Kodaka back first into light tubes that
were draped over the ropes, and then hit him with a fallaway slam.
Wanting to continue working on the back, Ishikawa irish whipped Kodaka
into a corner, and then charged towards him. Kodaka met him with two
boots to the face, and then tried to deliver a tornado DDT. When he
jumped forward however, Kodaka was unable to swing Ishikawa around, and
was forced into more light tubes back first. He then sent Kodaka to the
mat with a releasing northern lights suplex before going for the cover,
only getting a two-count.

Ito then tagged in, and when Kodaka stood up, hit him in the stomach
with a sole kick. Kodaka bent over in pain, and was promptly hit in the
back with an Ito axe kick. Kodako fell to the mat, and Ito delivered a
running leg drop, which he had a lot of height on. Ito went for the
cover, but was only able to get a two-count. He then slid the light tube
board into position, and northern light suplexed Kodaka onto it, once
again only getting a two-count. Intent on gaining a pinfall over Kodaka,
Ito quickly followed up with a perfect moonsault. It appeared that a
three-count was on it's way, but a bloody & weary Takeda entered the
ring and broke up the pin.

After Ito tossed Takeda out the ring, Kodaka sat up, and Ito placed a
bundle of light tubes against Kodaka's chest. Ito went for a roudhouse
kick, but Kodaka had done his homework, and knew what Ito had planned on
doing. Kodaka laid on the mat, dodging the kick, quickly sprang up while
holding the light tubes and tried bash Ito in the head with them. Ito
blocked the attack, but retaliated with a kick to Ito's gut, and then
successfully made contact with the light tubes onto Ito's head. Kodaka
followed up by putting Ito down with a savate kick and tagging out to

Not hesitating for a moment, Takeda entered the ring and speared Ito as
soon as he got up. After knocking Ishikawa off the apron and irish
whipping Ito into a corner, Takeda charged towards him a bundle of light
tubes. The impact exploded the light tubes into Ito's midsection, but
also injured Takeda's shoulder in the process. Fighting the pain,
Takeda stayed on Ito with a kick, a double axe handle, and elbow
smashes, while Kodaka entered the ring and picked up a barbed wire
board. After irish whipping Ito into a corner, Takeda and Kodaka smashed
the board into Ito, who then collapsed to the mat on his back. Takeda
placed the board on top of the now-prone Ito, and Takeda and Kodaka then
took turns hitting it with chairs, digging the barbed wire deeper into
Ito's skin. Ishikawa entered the ring to help Ito and was confronted by
Kodaka, who tried to give him a double knee facebreaker, but Ishikawa
escaped. However, Takeda then grabbed him from behind and successfully
executed a belly to back suplex, sending Ishikawa on top of the board
that Ito was still under. Kodaka then delivered a baseball slide to
Ishikawa's upper torso to remove him from the ring.

Takeda & Kodaka continued their doubleteam assault by snapmaring Ito to
the mat and hitting him with front dropkicks. They then hooked his legs
and went for a double pin, but Ito kicked out. Ishikawa was now back in
the ring, and was met by a kick to the stomach from Kodaka. He and
Takeda then hit Ishikawa over the head with light tubes, but they had
little effect, as Ishikawa retaliated with a headbutt to Kodaka and a
knee to Takeda's stomach. He then attempted to double-chokeslam both men
to the mat, but they blocked it, kicked Ishikawa in the stomach, and
then rocked him with a double savate kick, followed by a double suplex.

Ishikawa slowly rolled out of the ring, and Takeda & Kodaka returned
their focus to Ito. Takeda bodylsammed him to the mat and left the ring
to make sure that Ishikawa wouldn't get back in. Meanwhile, Kodaka
climbed to the top rope carrying a chair, appearing that he was
preparing to deliver a diving elbow drop while holding the chair
underneath his arm. However, Ishikawa kicked Takeda in the stomach and
nailed him with a foream outside the ring, got up on the apron, and hit
Kodaka in the head with a light tube, stunning him and causing him to
let go of the chair. Ito recovered at this point and climbed to the
second rope, and he and Ishikawa performed an aided superplex- as Ito
superplexed Kodaka, Ishikawa powerbomb Ito to the mat, putting his own
weight behind the move to increase it's impact on Kodaka. It knocked the
wind out of Ito also, but putting one's own body on the line is nothing
new for the no limit warriors of BJW.

As the match continued, Ito utilized moves that he is best known for in
an attempt to finish Kodaka off. Ito hit him a sitout scoop slam
piledriver, placed a set of light tubes on top of him, and launched
himself to deliver his, "Dragon Splash" finisher. However, at the last
moment, Kodaka had lifted his knees and positioned the light tubes on
top of them, so Ito took the entire brunt of the move, the light tubes
exploding upon impact. When Ito slowly stood up, Takeda hit him with a
German suplex, almost getting a three-count. Wanting to make Ito stay
down, Kodaka took things to another level, bringing a ladder into the
ring. He climbed to the top of it, and after Takeda bodyslammed Ito,
Takeda handed Kodaka a bundle of light tubes. Kodaka prepared to leap
off the ladder onto Ito, but Ishikawa entered the ring and shook the
ladder. Kodaka lost his balance, fell off the ladder and crashed on top
of the light tubes, chest & ribs first. When Kadaka sat up, Ishikawa hit
him with a single leg running dropkick, hooked Kodaka's leg and went for
the pin, but Takeda made the save.

Ishikawa tossed Takeda to the outisde and followed him, leaving Ito and
Kodaka in the ring. When Kodaka sat up, Ito placed a set of light tubes
up against his chest, and then hit them with roundhouse kick, exploding
the light tubes into Kodaka's chest. Ito went for the cover, and victory
seemed certain, but Kodaka lifted a shoulder a fraction of a second
before a three-count could be made. Ito was shocked & frustrated. He
then hit Kodaka with a dragon suplex, but Takeda managed to make it back
into the ring in time to break the pin attempt. Ishikawa, who followed
Takeda back into the ring, kicked Takeda in the stomach as he tried to
stand up, and while Takeda knelt over in pain, smashed three light tubes
over his back. Ito placed the ladder on top of Kadaka, and Ishikawa gave
Takeda a Splash Mountain onto the ladder. Takeda rolled away in pain,
and Ito followed up with the, "Dragon Splash" for the win.

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