In this review, we will look at Takashi Sasaki vs. Yuko Miyamoto in a, "Construction Site Death Match One Night Carnival" match from March 14, 2007 at Korakuen Hall. Sasaki was defending the BJW Death Match Heavyweight Championship in this match, and this match was a first- not only for Big Japan Pro Wrestling, but for the entire industry as well. In this type of match, fluorescent light tubes are draped over the ropes, and along with that, a scaffold is connected to a corner of the ring, to be used in whatever way the competitors choose. And considering the fact that the athletes of BJW forge forward into the face of danger every time they step into a BJW ring, there was no doubt that the scaffold would come into play.

To start the match off, Sasaki and Miyamoto engaged in chain wrestling. No, that was not a typo. Two wrestlers currently known as deathmatch specialists in the most hardcore promotion in the industry started the match off with a series of classic moves, thus proving that BJW has something for fans of every pro-wrestling genre, including technical. The hardcore element came into play when, after delivering a sole kick to Miyamoto's midsection, Sasaki attempted to irish whip him into light tubes that were draped over the ropes. Miyamoto did a reversal, Sasaki put on the breaks, ducked a running clothesline attempt, and when he turned around, was smashed over the head with a light tube that Miyamoto had quickly grabbed while Sasaki's back was turned.

Miyamoto then hit Sasaki with a dropkick, sending him crashing into light tubes that were draped over the ropes behind him, exploding them. Sasaki fell to the mat, and began to bleed from the left eye area at this point. Miyamato brought Sasaki to his feet, and went for an irish whip, which was reversed by Sasaki. Miyamoto came off the ropes with a flying shoulder block, which sent Sasaki down to the mat and rolling out of the ring to the floor to recover. Miyamoto however, had a different idea in mind. When Sasaki got back to his feet, Miyamoto flew out of the ring towards him a suicide senton, sending Sasaki back onto the floor.

Miyamoto stomped on Sasaki's head, delivered an elbow smash to the back, and then threw him back into the ring, where Miyamoto delivered more stomps. He then irish whipped Sasaki into a corner, grabbed a light tube & charged towards him, and delivered two high knees to Sasaki's midsection, holding the light tube horizontally across his knees. The light tube exploded into Sasaki's midsection, and when he staggered out of the corner, Miyamoto sent Sasaki to the mat with a single leg takedown, did a floatover and hooked the leg for a cover, only getting a two-count. Staying on him as he got back to his feet, Miyamoto hit Sasaki with forearm shots to the back and back of the neck. Miyamoto then bounced off the ropes to continue the assault, but Sasaki caught him in a fallaway slam position, and then rammed him into light tubes that were draped over the ropes, which exploded upon impact.

Sasaki then irish whipped Miyamoto into light tubes that were draped over the ropes on the other side of the ring. Once again, the sound of exploding light tubes could be heard, and he then fell to the mat. Maintaining control over the match, Sasaki delivered a stomp to Miyamoto's head, grabbed a light tube, and smashed it over Miyamoto's head as he brought himself to one knee. As Miyamoto rolled around on the mat disoriented, Sasaki came over to Miyamoto with another light tube, placed him in a sitting position, and bashed Miyamoto over the head once again.

With Miyamoto now on the mat, Sasaki delivered a knee drop to his ribs, and Miyamoto then rolled out of the ring to the floor. Sasaki followed him to the outside, and rolled him back into the ring. Miyamoto's face was now covered with blood, and Sasaki was still bleeding as well. But unlike what is often seen in the pro-wrestling industry currently, the match was not paused, which would have killed the momentum of the match. In true BJW death match fashion, the match continued. Sasaki stomped on Miyamoto's head. He then brought Miyamoto to his feet, irish whipped him into a corner, and followed Miyamoto with a corner elbow shot. Miyamoto slumped down, and Sasaki roundhouse kicked seven consecutive light tubes into Miyamoto's chest.

Sasaki kicked Miyamoto in the face, and when he was finally able to make it back to this feet, the two men traded forearm shots. When Miyamoto gained the upper hand, he rebounded off the ropes but ran into a sole kick from Sasaki. Wanting to stay in control, Sasaki rebounded off the ropes to hit Miyamoto with a single leg running dropkick, but Miyamoto moved out of the way at the last second. As Sasaki got back to his feet, Miyamoto quickly grabbed a light tube and charged towards Sasaki with it. As Miyamoto swung the light tube, Sasaki ducked out of the way of it, and when Miyamoto turned around, Sasaki roudnhouse kicked the light tube into Miyamoto's chest, with explosive results.

Sasaki then rebounded off the ropes, but Miyamoto caught Sasaki in a belly-to-belly suplex. He stood up and brought Sasaki to his feet, and they began trading forearm shots again. Sasaki suddenly changed his gameplan, rocking Miyamoto with two roundhouse kicks to the chest. When he went for a shoot kick to the side of Miyamoto's head, Miyamoto caught Sasaki's leg and countered with an Exploder suplex. A, "Construction Site" match wouldn't be complete without constuction site signs, and there were a number of them attached to the scaffold. Miyamoto removed one and smashed it over Sasaki's head twice when he got back to his feet, sending Sasaki down to the mat once again.

Miyamoto climbed to the top turnbuckle, and when Sasaki got back to his feet, Miyamoto nailed him with a flying dropkick. Miyamonto then went for a cover, but only managed to get a two-count. Staying in control, he irish whipped Sasaki into a corner, and followed with a corner elbow shot. Miyamoto then set Sasaki onto the top turnbuckle, and sent him falling to the mat with a hurricanrana off the top rope. Miyamoto then brought Sasaki to his feet and sent him to the mat with a German suplex, only getting a two-count once again.

Miyamoto then grabbed a bundle of 5 light tubes, and climbed to the top of the scaffold. Sasaki met him on the other side of the scaffold however, and after Miyamoto hit Sasaki with a forearm to the back of his head as he attempted to stand up, they began trading forearm chops, until Miyamoto stopped Sakasi with a kick to the stomach. As he knelt trying to catch his breath, Miyamoto smashed the bundle of light tubes over Sasaki's head, kicked him in the head, and then delivered two elbow smashes to the head, which sent Sasaki falling off the scaffold to the mat below.

Wanting to finish off Sasaki, Miyamoto jumped down from the scaffold and delivered a diving double foot stomp onto his ribs. Miyamoto went for the cover, but was only able to get a two-count. Frustrated that Sasaki kicked out, Miyamoto then stood and dragged Sasaki to his feet. However, Sasaki surprised Miyamoto from out of nowhere with a high angle belly to back suplex. Both men slowly got back to their feet, then Sasaki kicked Miyamoto in the stomach before delivering a vertical suplex. When Miyamoto staggered to a standing position, Sasaki hit him with a clothesline to send him back to the mat, but Miyamoto didn't stay down. Sasaki clotheslined him again, with the same result. When Sasaki went for the move for a third time, Miyamoto blocked it, and slapped Sasaki hard enough to turn him around. Miyamoto then went for a German suplex, but Sasaki escaped and delivered a German suplex of his own. Miyamoto went with the momentum of the move and landed on his feet. Miyamoto then attempted to clothesline Sasaki, but he ducked and delivered a kick to the stomach. Sasaki then irish whipped Miyamoto into a corner, but Miyamoto exploded out of it with a lariat.

Miyamoto went on to deliver his sitout side powerslam, "Yankee Driver" finisher. Miyamoto wasn't done however, as he sat up two chairs, placed a bundle of five light tubes across them, and attempted to suplerplex Sasaki through the light tubes. However, Sasaki punched his way out the attempt with kidney punches and forearms to the back. Sasaki then attempted to sunset flip powerbomb Miyamoto through the light tubes, but Miyamoto held onto the top rope and then escaped the attempt with punches to Sasaki's head. After delivering shoulder blocks to his gut, Miyamoto climbed to the top rope and appeared to be preparing to give Sasaki another hurricanrana off the top rope, but Sasaki quickly jumped down from the top turnbuckle, and sent Miyamoto crashing through the light tubes with an elevated powerbomb. For a bit of irony, keep in mind that the chair/light tube setup was something Miyamoto had put into place himself.

Ready to end the match, Sasaki hit Miyamoto with a clothesline that turned him inside out and went for cover, but Miyamoto narrowly kicked out at two. Staying on him, Sasaki brought Miyamoto to one knee, struck him a shoot kick to the side of the head, followed by a savate kick flush into Miyamoto's face. Sasaki then put him down with a shining wizard. Sasaki went for the cover, but Miyamoto kicked out only a moment before the referee could make the three-count. Staying on Miyamoto, Sasaki brought him to his feet and hit Miyamoto with a falling powerbomb, and then held him in a prawn hold. Miyamoto narrowly escaped before a three-count could be a made.

When Miyamoto began to stir, Sasaki kicked Miyamoto in the stomach, and with him in a sitting position, placed a bundle of light tubes against Miyamoto's chest. When
Sasaki went for a shoot kick towards Miyamoto's chest, Miyamoto laid on the mat, dodging the kick, did a kip-up, and then caught Sasaki in a hurricanrana pin, which he escaped a second before the referee's hand could slap the mat for a third time. When both men got back to their feet, Sasaki attempted to hit Miyamoto with a savate kick. Miyamoto caught Sasaki's leg and countered with his, "Yankee Driver" finisher onto the bundle of light tubes that Sasaki tried to bring into play earlier.

With Sasaki sprawled out on top of the now-broken light tubes, an exhausted Miyamoto slowly went for the cover. It was a bit too slow however, as those extra few seconds gave Sasaki time to recover enough to lift his left shoulder a moment before a three-count could be rendered. Sasaki and Miyamoto slowly got back to their feet, and they began trading elbow and forearm shots to the face, until Miyamoto began gaining an upper hand and then rocked Sasaki with spinning heel kick to the side of the face. Miyamoto then charged at him for a clothesline, but Sasaki moved out of the way and caught Miyamoto in a full nelson suplex, almost getting a three-count.

Sasaki stood up, and after signaling to the crowd that he was going to finish Miyamoto off, picked him up and appeared to be positioning Miyamoto for a, "Yankee Driver" of his own. However, Miyamoto slipped out of Sasaki's grasp, ducked a clothesline attempt from him, and then did a handspring (his back crashing into light tubes), using the momentum to leap backwards and hit Sasaki with a back elbow smash. Miyamoto then carried him over to a corner of the ring, press slammed him to the mat, and delivered a phoenix senton.

Intending to make sure that Sasaki wouldn't escape his next pin attempt, Miyamoto went one step further. One of the moves that he is best known for is his moonsault, and it is considered one of the best in the industry. Some fans say that Miyamoto stays in the air for so long, that gravity seems to to stop. He grabbed a bundle of light tubes, and performed a moonsault while holding onto them. The light tubes exploded into both men, and Miyamoto then went for the cover. However, the tougher a death match is, the harder Sasaki fights, which he proved by lifting a shoulder off the mat before a three-count could be made.

With one of Miyamoto's signature moves not being enough at this stage of the match, he knew that he would have to take this match to a more extreme level. Miyamoto carried Sasakai over to the corner of the ring where the scaffold was located, press slammed him, and climbed to the top of the scaffold, where he moonsaulted off onto Sasaki! Although the move no doubt hurt Sasaki, it apparently also hurt Miyamoto, as he lied on the mat holding his ribs for a few moments. Miyamoto slowly made his way over to Sasaki and made a weak cover, which enabled Sasaki to kick out at two.

It was apparent that no matter what Miyamoto dished out, as long as Sasaki still had breath in his body, the match was going to continue. Miyamoto, still feeling the effects from his moonsault spot, rolled out of ring and pulled out a table from underneath it. He set it up in the corner of the ring where the scaffold was located, placed Sasaki on top of it, and once again made an ascension to the top of the scaffold. As Miyamoto reached the top however, Sasaki got off the table, climbed up to the top of the scaffold, and took control with elbow shots to Miyamoto's head. Sasaki attempted to powerbomb him off the scaffold, but Miyamoto shifted his weight to prevent that from happening, escaped Sasaki's grasp, and hit him with a forearm shot. What happened next indeed was one of the biggest moves of the night. Miyamoto attempted to give Sasaki his, "Yankee Driver" off the scaffold, Sasaki escaped with punches to Miyamoto's head, and then gave Miyamoto his, "Avalanche D-Geist" finisher off the scaffold and through the table below.

As Miyamoto lied motionless and Sasaki held his left leg in pain, anyone who specializes in the human anatomy would have likely opined that the match was over. When Sasaki saw that Miyamoto was not moving, he crawled over and covered Miyamoto for what was expected to an elementary pinfall. But to everyone's shock, Miyamoto kicked out at two! Sasaki grabbed a bundle of light tubes, pulled Miyamoto up (who was like dead weight) into a sitting position, and laid the bundle up against his head and neck. Sasaki then shoot kicked the bundle, exploding the light tubes into Miyamoto's head, who then lied down on the mat.

Sasaki went for the cover. The match would have been over for most competitors, but not Miyamoto, who kicked out at two. Sasaki was enraged, and determined to keep Miyamoto down. He placed another bundle of light tubes in the center of the ring, picked up Miyamoto, and delivered his, "D-Geist" finisher onto the light tubes. Sasaki went for the cover once more, and finally, after an exciting and gruelling match filled with near pinfalls and hardcore action that kept the fans on their edges of their seats, the three-count was made, and Sasaki had successfully defended the BJW Death Match Heavyweight Championship.

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