For over a decade, Big Japan Pro-Wrestling has consistently been the standard bearer of death match style matches. The BJW brand is not only well recognized in Japan, but in the USA as well, having had been featured on US PPV and across the country on DVD. BJW events boast attendance records of over 800 fans, and thanks to the Big Japan Shop (, fans all across the USA have the opportunity to see the exciting action of BJW. As the match reviewer for the BJW website, I will take a look at some of the many matches that are available.

In this review, we will look at Ryuji Ito vs. Jaki Numazawa, in a, "Golgotha Light Tube Cross & Light Tube Tower Deathmatch" from May 28, 2007 at Korakuen Hall, which was one of the best matches of the year. Both Ito and Numazawa are top talents in BJW.


Early in the match, Jaki Numazawa tried to keep Ryuji Ito down on the mat. Seeing that this tactic was not working, he then attempted to use one of the fluorescent light tubes that surrounded the ring to his advantage. Numazawa went for an irish whip, but Ito reversed the move, sending Numazawa crashing into the light tube instead. Ito then went on to backdrop Numazawa to the mat, causing Numazawa to seek refuge outside of the ring. Ito followed and delivered a stomp to Numazawa - who was laying prone on the floor- before reaching under the ring and pulling out a table. After using it to smash Numazawa in the head, Ito set up the table and placed Numazawa on top of it. Ito went on to climb to top of the light tube tower and delivered a splash onto Numazawa. The table bended, but did not break, which caused even more pain for Numazawa.

Ito then took the battle back into the ring, where after delivering a stomp to Numazawa's back, he put him a sitting position, placed a light tube against Numazawa's back, and then kicked it, exploding the light tube into Numazawa's spine. Ito went for a cover, but was only able to get a two-count. He then delivered an elbow drop, but still wasn't able to keep Numazawa down. Wanting to further weaken him, Ito brought Numazawa back to his feet, and began nailing him with hard shoot kicks. However, when he rebounded off the ropes to continue his attack, Numazawa had recovered and responded with a rana. He then followed up with a enzuigiri when Ito attempted to get back to his feet. Then, much to the delight of the crowd, Numazawa opened the door of the dreaded light tube tower, which clearly contained well over a dozen light tubes. He attempted to irish whip Ito into the light tubes, but Ito put on the breaks. Numazawa then slammed the door onto Ito's left arm and dropkicked him, sending Ito crashing into the multitude of light tubes.

Numazawa went on to further integrate the light tubes into his game plan, smashing Ito over the head with one, backdropping him onto another, then grabbed a set of light tubes and climbed to the top of the tower. Ito climbed to the top as well, where he gained control of the light tubes and smashed them over Numazawa's head. Numazawa returned the favor, and then shook the now broken light tubes, sending their contents spilling onto the mat- thumbtacks. Numazawa then delivered a hurricanrana, sending Ito down to mat, right on top of the thumbtacks. The pain was evident on Ito's face, and Numazawa attempted to finish him off with fireman's carry powerbomb, but amazingly, was only able to get a two-count.

Placing Ito into a corner, Numazawa grabbed a light tube and charged towards Ito, but Ito made a comeback by kicking the light tube, exploding it into Numazawa's chest, and when Numazawa dropped to one knee, hitting him with a enzuigiri. Ito then went for a cover, only getting a two-count, as Numazawa was able to slightly raise a shoulder off the mat. Not wanting to give Numazawa time to recover, Ito placed a light tube over his back, and then smashed it with his foot. He once again went for a cover, still only able to get a two-count. Ito then hit Numazawa with a moonsault, but still could not gain the pinfall.

After stomping Numazawa out of frustration, Ito placed a set of light tubes on Numazawa's chest and climbed to the top turnbuckle. Numazawa suddenly stood up, hooked the light tubes under Ito's arm, and swung them, sending Ito to the mat. As Ito stood up, Numazawa charged towards Ito with the light tubes and rammed into him, exploding the light tubes in the process. Numazawa then untied the light tube cross from the corner, and placed it on the mat. This gave Ito time to recover, who nailed Numazawa with a roundhouse kick to the back of the neck, and then put him down with a german suplex for a two-count.

Ito then bodyslammed Numazawa and placed the light tube cross on top of him. As Ito began a slow climb to the top pf the tower, Numazawa stood up, grabbed Ito, and hit him with a thunderous sitout powerbomb onto the light tube cross. Despite laying battered amongst the broken light tubes, Ito managed to raise a shoulder seconds before a three-count could be rendered. Obviously frustrated that a hardcore approach was not working in an attempt to put Ito away, Numazawa soon tried to gain a win with a small package, once again not being able to keep Ito down. Ito soon made a comeback, nailing Numazawa with roundhouse kicks to the back of the head, a german suplex, and then delivering a sitout scoop slam piledriver onto a set of light tubes that Numazawa had placed in the center of the ring only moments earlier. Numazawa barely managed to escape a three-count, and Ito smelled victory. He once again climbed to the top of the tower, and launched himself off to deliver his, "Dragon Splash" finisher for the win.

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