In this review, we will look at Masada vs. Ryuji Ito, in a, "30 Minute Time Limit Anything Goes Fire Board & Barbed Wire & Concrete Block Deathmatch" from January 6, 2008 at Korakuen Hall. This match was a great way to start 2008 in BJW. Just as Ito has made a name for himself in Japan as one of the best hardcore-style wrestlers in the country and was BJW Deathmatch Champion at the time that this match occurred, Masada has done the same in the United States as the 2007 winner of Battle Box, the most hardcore annual show in America. In this match, both men showed how they have earned those distinctions.

The barbed wire that surrounded the ring instead of ropes quickly played a role in the match. Masada and Ito started off with a lock up and began trying to out muscle each other, until Ito managed to push Masada down to the mat, and back first into the waiting barbed wire. After leaving the ring to regain his bearings, Masada reentered. They both attempted to push each other to the barbed wire, and when that didn't work, Masada brought Ito down to the mat, and tried to keep him down with a front facelock. Ito managed to get back to his feet and escape the hold. Masada soon went after Ito with chops to the chest and forearm shots to the side of Ito's jaw, but Ito responded with chops of his own and roundhouse kicks before snapmaring Masada to the mat, following-up with a kick to his spine. Masada then returned the favor, delivering a chop, snapmare, and kick to the spine of his own. Ito rose to his feet, ready to continue. When he attempted to snapmare Masada again, Masada turned the move into a back slide, getting a two-count. Wanting to continue his momentum, Masada tried to irish whip Ito into the barbed wire, but Ito reversed it. Masada did a baseball slide to avoid colliding with the dangerous wire. Upon standing, however, he ran right into a leg lariat, courtesy of Ito.

Ito and Masada once again attempted to push each other into the barbed wire, until Masada changed his strategy by shoving Ito back first onto the row of concrete blocks that were in the ring, putting Masada firmly in control of the match. After delivering punches to Ito's forehead and smashing the back of his head against one the concrete blocks that were on the mat, he pushed the barbed wire against Ito's forehead, slicing it open and drawing blood. After following-up with a stomp to back of Ito's neck, Masada stood him up and began pushing his back against the wire. Feeling confident, Masada signaled to the crowd that he was going to irish whip Ito into the barbed wire on the opposite side of the ring. However, Ito reversed it, and when Masada put on the breaks to avoid the barbed wire, Ito delivered a roundhouse kick to the back of Masada's head, sending him into the wire. Ito stayed on Masada, kicking him into the wire, and digging it into his forehead, opening up Masada in the process. Ito then irish whipped Masada into barbed wire, which Masada became tangled in, the pain apparent on his face as Ito continued his assault with roundhouse kicks. Utilizing the concrete blocks, Ito went on to slam Masada on top of them- twice. Masada slowly slid to the outside of the ring, seeking a brief refuge. However, Ito followed, smashing Masada in the back continuously with a concrete block throughout the hall, including into the crowd. As Masada leaned against a ringpost in pain, Ito ran towards him with the concrete block, attempting to finishing him off with a blow to the head. Masada moved out of the way at the last second, causing the concrete to collide with the ringpost, breaking the concrete block into pieces.

With a piece of the concrete block still in his hand, Ito grabbed Masada's left arm (which was already injured as a result of Masada being tangled in the barbed wire earlier), and began nailing it with the concrete. Ito further worked on the arm by wrapping it around the barbed wire and pounding on it. He then pulled a chair from under the ring and began ramming it into Masada's arm, following-up with a stomp. Ito's strategy displayed what sets Big Japan Pro-Wrestling apart from all other promotions that specialize in the hardcore style. He displayed ring psychology by targeting a specific body part upon noticing that Masada's left arm was injured. After rolling Masada back into the ring, Ito continued his attack his stomps before choking Masada against the barbed wire. Masada then managed to make a comeback by getting ahold of a cement block and giving Ito blows to the back with it, sending Ito to the mat. After stomping on his head a couple of times, Masada grabbed Ito and irish whipped him into the barbed wire. Feeling the wire digging into his back, Ito staggered away from it and walked into a roundhouse kick to the head. Masada then hoisted Ito up and dropped him onto the barbed wire neck-first. However, the wire gave way, causing Ito to crash onto the floor outside of the ring.

When Ito got back to his feet, Masada pulled him into the ring and pushed him down to the mat so that the collapsed barbed wire was pressing into Ito's stomach. After following-up with a
legdrop, Masada went for the cover, but was only able to get a two-count. Frustrated, Masada delivered a kick to Ito's spine, as he tried to think of a new strategy. He then attempted to crucifix powerbomb Ito onto barbed wire that was still standing, but Ito escaped and began delivering roundhouse kicks to Masada's chest and then bodyslammed him onto the wire, collapsing it in the process. Masada laid on the mat in the pain, the wire piercing his skin. As Masada attempted to free himself, Ito stomped on him, and then brought Masada back to his feet in order to deliver kneelifts to his chest. This turned out to be a mistake however, as Masada caught one of Ito's legs, picked him up, and crotched him on the barbed wire. Masada then shoved Ito to the mat, picked up a concrete block and pummeled Ito with it. He then disconnected a large portion of barbed wire from the ring and began whipping Ito with it, leaving bloody welts on his back. Masada then decided to utilize both objects at the same time. With Ito on his stomach, Masada laid the barbed wire onto Ito's back, and then used the concrete to grind the wire deeper into his back. He then picked up another concrete block and smashed it into the block that was already on Ito's back. Masada once again went for the cover, and yet again, was only able to get a two-count.

Masada then brought Ito over to a side of the ring where the barbed wire had collapsed. A barbed wire board was on the floor below, and Masada attempted to powerbomb Ito onto it. However, the quick-thinking Ito reversed it into a hurricanrana, sending Masada crashing through the board instead. Ito then joined Masada outside of the ring, sandwiched him between the two broken pieces of the barbed wire board, and then stomped on the board that was laying on top of Masada. After rolling Masada back into the ring, Ito went for the cover, and to his surprise, was only able to get a two-count. At this point, Ito was ready to show one of the reasons he has earned the nickname of, "Deathmatch Dragon". Ito walked over to one of the corner boards and set it aflame. He then grabbed Masada's right arm (having already worked on the left arm earlier in the match), and placed it into the fire, burning Masada's wrist. After delivering a stomp to Masada's back and forearm shots to his jaw, Ito attempted to irish whip Masada into the fire, but Masada put on the breaks. He then dodged a big boot attempt by Ito and delivered a fireman's carry takeover into the fire. Masada went for the cover, and Ito barely escaped before a three-count could be made.

Ito rolled out of the ring, and Masada followed with a concrete block in hand, which he repeatedly smashed into Ito's back. He then hit Ito with a folding chair as well. Using the same idea that Ito had earlier, Masada then set a corner board on fire and chased Ito around the ring with it. Once both men were back in the ring, Masada set a stack of concrete blocks on fire and attempted to hip toss Ito onto them. However, Masada's plan backfired, as Ito reversed the move, sending Masada onto the flaming blocks instead. With Masada rolling on the mat in pain, Ito tried to capitalize by going for the cover, but Masada managed to kick out. When Masada got back to his feet, Ito hit him with kicks to the chest and stomach. However, when Ito threw a roundhouse kick towards Masada's face, Masada caught his leg and delivered a high angle belly to back suplex. Exhausted, Masada dragged himself over to Ito and covered him. The referee went for the three-count, but Ito kicked out a second before her hand could slap the mat for a third time. Masada then hit Ito with a Death Valley Bomb onto cement blocks. Masada went for the cover, but Ito was somehow able to lift a shoulder up.

Since Ito refused to stay down, Masada tied his arms up with barbed wire, and bashed his head with a table four times. Not only did this put a dent in the table, but it also left a dent in Ito's forehead as well. With Ito now knocked out, Masada set up a different table, and placed Ito on top of it. He then climbed a scaffolding that was next to the ring, putting him about 10 feet above Ito. Masada leaped off the scaffolding, attempting to drop an elbow onto Ito, but Ito rolled out of the way. Masada crashed through the table, and Ito got back up to his feet. Ito then quickly german suplexed Masada onto the concrete blocks and went for cover, only getting a two-count. Ito once again utilized the blocks, this time giving Masada a sitout scoop slam piledriver onto them before going for the cover. Amazingly, Masada was able to get a shoulder out before a three-count could be made.

Ito then dragged Masada into the middle of the ring, stomped on him, and then grabbed a bundle of barbed wire which he used to covered Masada's prone body with. Having Masada right where he wanted him, Ito climbed the same structure that Masada did minutes earlier and leaped off of it, landing on Masada with his, "Dragon Splash" finisher for the win. As Masada laid on the mat, Ito, proudly holding the BJW Deathmatch Championship belt over his shoulder, took the mic and told acknowledged that Masada displayed his abilities in front of everyone in attendance, and welcomed a future challenge for the Championship. Masada made it to his feet, then he and Ito shook hands in a show of respect for each other.

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